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Book References

Book References
Book References

Book References

There was a time, not so long ago, when the Internet, web sites, and image files were not widely known by the general public. Between the years of 1994 and 1998 several books were written on these subjects, inevitably referencing LView software as one of the most popular software tools available on the Internet.

The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, it includes only books by authors who were kind enough to provide the author of LView Pro with complimentary copies of their publications. References made to LView software in these books range from full chapters to targetted how-to instructions. Trial versions of LView software were included in CD-ROMs accompanying these publications, as Internet bandwidth and download times were an issue at the time of their publication.

"Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats", James D. Murray and William VanRyper, O'Reilly and Associates, ISBN: 1-56592-058-9, 1994

"Internet CD", Vivian Neou, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-123852-3, 1994

"Windows Internet Tour Guide - Cruising the Internet the Easy Way", Michael Fraase, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-081-7, 1994

"Publish it on the Web", Bryan Pfaffenberger, Academic Press, ISBN: 0-12-553140-0, 1995

"Web Publisher's Design Guide for Windows", Mary Jo Fahey and Jeffrey W. Brown, Coriolis Group Books, ISBN: 1-883577-61-6, 1995

"Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML 2nd Edition", Dave Taylor, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 1-56884-822-6, 1995

"Internet Guizmos for Windows", Joel Diamond, Howard Sobel and Valda Hilley, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 1-56884-451-4, 1995

"Windows on the Internet - The Complete Toolchest on CD-ROM", John P. Morphet, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0-07-912173-X, 1995

"Inside the World Wide Web", Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Rob Tidrow, et al., New Riders, ISBN: 1-56205-412-0, 1995

"Instant Internet with WebSurfer", David Sachs and Henry Stair, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-210675-2, 1995

"The Downloader's Companion for Windows", Scott Meyers and Catherine Pinch, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-342254-2, 1995

"Creating Your Own Netscape Web Pages", Andy Shafran, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0621-0, 1995

"Running a Perfect Web Site", David M. Chandler, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0210-X, 1995

"Using the World Wide Web and Mosaic", Bill Eager and Mary Ann Pike, QUE, ISBN: 0-78970-250-0, 1995

"Erol's Guide to Cyberspace", Ronald L. Wagner, Citapei Communications, ISBN: 0-9654604-0-1, 1996

"Internet for Dummies 2nd Edition", John R. Levine and Margaret Levine Young, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 1-56884-606-1, 1996

"Microsoft Works for Teachers", Pamela R. Toliver, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0067-8, 1996

"WebMedia Magic", Kevin Hampton, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-4010-6, 1996

"Designing Web Graphics - How to prepare images and media for the Web", Lynda Weinman, New Riders, ISBN: 1-56205-532-1, 1996

"The Downloader's Companion for Windows 95", Scott Meyers, Catherine Pinch and Chris Sells, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-520024-5, 1996

"Netscape Navigator 6 in 1", Jennifer Fulton and Nat Gertler, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0807-8, 1996

"The Big Basics Book of the Internet", Joe Kraynak, Jennifer Fulton, Sherry Kinkoph, and Aaron Weiss, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0753-5, 1996

"Using CGI", Jeffry Dwigth and Michael Erwin, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0740-3, 1996

"Mastering CorelDRAW 6 Second Edition", Rick Altman, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-1802-X, 1996

"HTML 3 Interactive Course", Michael Waite, The Waite Group Press, ISBN: 1-571169-066-2, 1996

"Looking Good Online", Steve Bain and Daniel Gray, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-469-3, 1996

"Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0", Alan Simpson, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-420-0, 1996

"The Windows NT Web Server Book", Larry Budnick, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-342-5, 1996

"Windows 95 - Cutting-Edge Tools & Techniques for Power Users", Richard Mansfield and Evangelos Petroutsos, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-319-0, 1996

"Frontpage 97 Web Designer's Guide", Gary L. Allman, Jason Ladtke and Michael C. Stinson, Waite Group Press, ISBN: 1-57169-027-1, 1996

"Easy Digital Photography", Scott Slaughter, Abacus, ISBN: 1-55755-330-0, 1997

"Road Runner Guide to Cyberspace", Ronald L. Wagner, Citapei Communications, ISBN: 0-9654604-4-4, 1997

"CorelDRAW 7 Bible", Deborah Miller, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-3066-6, 1997

"Creating Web Pages", Greg Holden, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0156-9, 1997

"Creating Web Pages for Dummies", Bud Smith and Arthur Bebak, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0114-3, 1997

"Intranet Publishing for Dummies", Glenn E. Weadock, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0222-0, 1997

"JBuilder for Dummies", Barry A. Burd, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0078-3, 1997

"Microsoft Office 97 for Windows for Teachers", Neil J. Salkind, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0082-1, 1997

"Wordperfect 8 Web Publishing for Dummies", David Kay, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-0155-0, 1997

"NetWare Web Development", Peter Kuo, Ph.D., Publishing, ISBN: 1-57521-186-6, 1997

"Looking Good in Print", Roger C. Parker, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-471-5, 1997

"Create Web Animations in a Weekend", Steve Callihan, Prima Tech, Prima Publishing, ISBN: 0-7615-1822-3, 1998

"Learn HTML", Steven E. Callihan, Prima Tech, Prima Publishing, ISBN: 0-7615-1800-2, 1998

Learn HTML in a Weekend, Steve Callihan, Prima Tech, Prima Publishing, ISBN: 0-7615-1800-2, 1998

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