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Web Gallery

Web Gallery
Web Gallery

Web Gallery

LView Pro's Web Gallery Builder makes it easy and fast to prepare images and thumbnails for web pages.

Create Web Gallery sites complete with index page and individual image pages.
Point and click interface makes it easy to configure individual areas of the Web Gallery.
Use the default settings to quickly get started.
Configure any HTML or image related options to achieve a uniquely customized web gallery.
Full control over HTML page and table generation.
Spice up your pages with automatically generated background images, based on the image being displayed.
Optionally use display effects such as Buttonize, seamless pattern, variable opacity.
Include a text description for the index page and individual descriptions for each image.
Text descriptions are embedded "as is" in HTML pages, allowing any HTML content to be inserted.
Save individual web gallery settings for later use.

Try it!
Try it!
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